• Established in: 1994
  • Main Products: Auto Parts, Custom-Made Hardware& Gift, Key Chain, Household, Pet Product and Stationery
  • Annual Sales: USD 2,100,000
  • Capital: USD 200,000
  • Company Location: Changhua County, Taiwan
  • Business Type: OEM Manufacturer, ODM Manufacturer, Exporter, Purchasing Agent
  • Main Market: Worldwide, especially cooperates with the following countries for over 30 years: Europe, U.K., Germany, Iran, Dubai, Pakistan, South Africa, U.S.A., Canada….etc.


1988 - 1992

Build a factory and manufacture EDM machine.

1992 – 1993

Build a plating factory of black oxide.

1993 – 1994

Manage China factory for cabinet hardware.

1994 – 2004

Establish Chief Ling Enterprise Co., Ltd in Changhua County, Taiwan,
manufacturing keychain of Millennium (Year 2,000), hardware parts made of zinc alloy, steel, brass…etc.

2004 – NOW

Purchase a office and move to the new building.
Focus on developing custom-made design and sales department, assembling. All the process of manufacturing is sub-contract.

2007 – NOW

Establish purchasing office in China, in charge of purchasing and accounting to Chinese factories.

2015 – NOW

Got ISO9001:2018 Certificate to improve our management.

2018 – NOW

Build a facility of mini marker pen (P05) with printing machine and assemble machines.


Chief Ling started to manufacturer custom-made product from the keychain of Millennium, which only required simple process and assembling. However, we sensed that the multi-field industry was the future trend. A company needs to offer multiple services including designing, manufacturing, assembling, shipping, even after-sales service. So we devote to become a professional custom-made product manufacturer, break the limitation of traditional industry.

  • Become a leading custom-made product manufacturer in Taiwan.
  • Become an exquisite company based on our core value.
  • Enhance the international competitiveness of the company.


As a custom-made product manufacturer, our job is to ensure the quality, check everything is the most economic for our clients, provide the product in different materials. Moreover, we make efforts to spread the good fame of “Made in Taiwan” with our service of total solution!

  • Offer the high quality product.
  • Lower the price and reduce the risk.
  • Spread the reputation of “Made in Taiwan” to worldwide.


Unlike the traditional industry only offer single service, we pay much attention to “total solution” that we always try our best to meet customers’ every request, including manufacturing, sampling, shipping, assembling…etc. We are just like a director in the movie, handling the whole procedure for customers. To protect customers’ exclusive design, we set up the door security system that is provided by SIGMU which is the most reliable security company in Taiwan. We are also willing to sign the non-disclosure agreement for customers to ensure the intellectual property right of customized product.

Our core value of “5P” to operate the company:

  1. Professional Know-how
  2. Prompt Enthusiastic Service
  3. Permanent Management
  4. Promise of Quality
  5. Probity and trust


“Chief Ling” stands for prosperity, but also means “The chief of the company is Ling (Tina)” as “Ling” is the last word in Tina’s Chinese first name “Li-Ling”

The pronunciation of “Chief Ling” in Chinese is a mythical hooved chimerical creature known in Chinese and other East Asian cultures, said to appear with the imminent arrival or passing of a sage or illustrious ruler.

It is a good omen thought to occasion prosperity or serenity so we choose it to be represented of our company.

Chief Ling has three logos so far and each was designed in different period:

Designed by Tina in 1994 when the company was established initially.
Designed in 2004 when moving to the new building, orange stands for energetic and passion, green stands for environmental protection.
Designed in 2013, using only for the department of exporting auto repair tools that is also the pronunciation of Chief Ling in Chinese, and the symbol of lucky animal.



  • Outstanding ODM,OEM Practitioner
  • Ensure Steady Superior Quality
  • Competitive and Reasonable Prices
  • Timely Delivery and Flexible Production Lines
  • Satisfactory and Accurate Service


  • Every staff involves quality control
  • Product and management meet international standard
  • Create the most profits for mutual sides
  • Build honest and reliable business relationship
  • None complain from clients


no. 27Q16789

The ISO certificate is issued by GlobalGROUP of Companies Limited and UKAS management systems. These two credible identified systems will annually examine if our company does follow every procedure of ISO standard.


To protect customers’ exclusive design and copyright, we cooperated with “Taiwan Secom Co., Ltd” that is the best and most famous security company in Taiwan.

There are 2 processes that the staff needs to get in our building & house using a specific authorized card. It is controlled whether to let other ones come in or out.


We remembered every customer who had ever visited us, and it was a wonderful experience for us. We want to say thanks to every customer who supports Chief Ling as always!

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