1988 – 1992
  • Build a factory and manufacture EDM machine.
1992 – 1993
  • Build a plating factory of black oxide.
1993 – 1994
  • Manage China factory for cabinet hardware.
  • Establish Chief Ling Enterprise Co., Ltd in Changhua County, Taiwan, manufacturing keychain of Millennium (Year 2,000), hardware parts made of zinc alloy, steel, brass…etc.
  • OEM military badge and keychain for Singapore customer till now.
  • OEM brick trowel for South Africa customer.
  • OEM pet choke chain for Canada customer.
  • Develop custom-made design with OEM for hardware, gift, toy and pet product.
  • Export hose clamp to worldwide customer including: Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Nigeria, Peru, Malaysia, U.S.A. Canada…etc. till now.
  • OEM crochet hook for Germany customer till now.
  • OEM metal thread parts for U.S.A. customer.
  • OEM custom-made badge for Switzerland.
  • OEM keychain with screwdriver for Spain customer.
  • OEM candle holder for Venezuela customer.
  • OEM photo frame and Niagara Falls paper weight for Canada customer.
  • OEM rubber sponge for Puertorico customer.
  • OEM ball pen for Guatemala customer.
  • OEM Blongoball game set for U.S.A. customer.
  • OEM metal gift items and story book for Hong Kong customer.
  • OEM custom-made keychain for Iceland customer.
  • OEM garden tool for U.S.A. customer.
  • OEM desk bell for Belgium customer.
  • OEM toilet plunger for Sweden Customer till now.
  • OEM custom-made screw and hose clamp for Iran customer till now.
  • OEM various keychain ( handcuff keychain, whistle keychain, EVA ball keychain, hook keychain, keychain with coin…) to worldwide customer including Australia, U.S.A., Greece, Canada, Peru…etc.
  • OEM skin mini marker pen for U.S.A. customer till now.
  • OEM wire puzzle for Saudi Arabian customer.
  • OEM bag handle for Canada customer.
  • OEM bicycle pedal for Czech customer.
  • OEM zinc-alloy cross for U.S.A. church.
  • OEM acrylic key tag for U.S.A. customer.
  • Build and move to the new building for office & facility.
  • OEM jumbo pencil for Hong Kong and U.S.A. customer.
  • OEM grease nipple for Canada Customer.
  • OEM IVC badge for U.K. customer.
  • OEM squeeze mate for Australia customer.
  • OEM souvenir spoon for U.K. customer.
  • OEM PS ruler for U.S.A. customer.
  • OEM letter opener for Australia customer.
  • OEM screwdriver for Hong Kong customer.
  • OEM belt clip of mobile phone for Australia customer.
  • OEM fuel hose for Iran customer.
  • OEM ID car tag for U.S.A. customer.
  • Export stainless hose clamp for New Zealand customer till now.
  • OEM acrylic casting tube for Thailand and Philippines customer.
  • OEM nylon cable tie for Iran customer.
  • OEM gift lunch box for U.K. customer.
  • OEM custom-made magnet for Canada customer.
  • OEM custom-made koala badge for Australia customer till now.
  • Establish purchasing office in Hubei, China for managing Chinese sub-factories.
  • OEM PVC member card for U.S.A. customer.
  • OEM bead headed pin for U.K. customer.
  • OEM acrylic frame keychain for Chile customer.
  • OEM screwdriver with logo for Canada customer till now.
  • Export packing machine and accessories to South Africa till now.
  • OEM bottle opener for Hong Kong customer till now.
  • OEM gift paper bag for Canada customer till now.
  • OEM acrylic casting holder for Canada customer.
  • Export steel hose clamp with yellow plated to KAZAKHSTAN.
  • OEM PVC corrugated sheet for Senegal customer till now.
  • OEM golf ball for Singapore customer till now.
  • OEM steel drill for U.K. customer.
  • OEM pet groom shedder for U.S.A. customer.
  • OEM acrylic accessories for children for U.K. customer.
  • OEM disposable coaster for Ghana customer.
  • OEM doll hair brush for U.K. customer.
  • OEM carpenter pencil for U.S.A. customer.
  • OEM cable key ring for U.S.A. customer.
  • OEM chemical light stick for US.A. customer.
  • OEM Silicone neutral zone tray for U.S.A. customer till now.
  • OEM acrylic container series for U.S.A. customer till now.
  • OEM plush toy keychain for Germany customer.
  • OEM stainless steel jewelry for U.S.A. customer.
  • OEM for stylus pen of screen touch for U.S.A. customer
  • OEM doorknob for U.S.A. customer.
  • OEM hugger weight for U.S.A. customer.
  • OEM paper color box for U.S.A. customer.
  • Run annual order of skin mini marker for U.S.A. customer till now.
  • Acquire ISO9001:2015 Certificate till now.
  • OEM foil packaging roll for U.S.A. customer.
  • Build new facility of mini marker pen (P05) with printing machine and assemble machines.
  • OEM herbal patch for U.S.A. customer.
  • OEM mini marker pen for repair furniture for Canada customer till now.
  • The 25th anniversary of establishment, honor to have 100 scores of satisfaction from 3 customers.
  • Renovate the range of ISO9001:2015: “Design and Assembly of Custom-made Gifts, Household Products, and Hardware parts. Manufacture of Mini Color Marker (Marking for Furniture and Surgery Operation).
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