Chief Ling had run ISO9001:2008 for our management system & quality control over 2 years since 2015.

The inspection started from 9:30am, the auditor walked around to view our environment, and randomly check our paperwork for every standard process. It was a huge work since we have 16 files of the standard policy, including document management, staff education, purchasing, QC, exporting…etc.


After working for a whole day, the auditor finally declared that Chief Ling met all standard process of ISO9001:2008. Mr. Yu’s comment was as below:

Chief Ling is a very respectable and outstanding enterprise. All the paperwork management and operation met the request of ISO9001:2008 and the standard process of the company. During the inspection, I found that Chief Ling operated the ISO9001:2008 policy effectively and kept their promise to customers. Therefore, I hereby recommend to the Global committee that Chief Ling Enterprise Co., Ltd should be ISO9001:2008 qualified supplier continuously in 2016.

Wow! It seemed that Mr. Yu admired our work very much! And we invited him to take a photo to record this proud moment. (the middle man in the picture) We were honored and glad to pass the ISO9001:2008 inspection again after running ISO for 1 year so far!