The weather gets colder and colder, and the wind starts blowing….it is the time for Christmas decorating again!

This year we decorated with simple style: only a few bow ties with red and white colors, which are the classic colors for Christmas. The main point of decoration is the lights, we put on a brand new Christmas light with colorful colors.

Look at the gorgeous smiles on our faces! :D

Not only the Christmas tree has the colorful lights, also the other trees beside the building are wearing the lights. Chief Ling is lightened up and has a delightful night scene, that warms up our heart at the cold night.

Like the lights, Chief Ling wishes to be your warming supplier that provides best service and quality to you as always!

The Christmas cards of 2016 also sent out to our customers all over the world, Merry Christmas and may you have a prosperous year in 2017!