Mini Marker Pen(P05)


Dia:8mm x 3.5" L.

Scope of application:

  1. Widely used in general surgery marking.
  2. Use for radiotherapy and ultrasonography positioning identification.
  3. Use for medical teaching and other activities marking.
  4. Use for woodworking such as furniture.

Product Introduction

Chief Ling manufactures mini marker pen according to customers' designs, including skin marker pens for surgery marks and carpentry for furniture. These mini marker pens are disposable used with slight of inks for sanitary & convenient purpose, this ensures we can offer good and stable quality to the customers.

Our mini marker pen is a sterile, single-use surgical instrument for clinical markings in a non-toxic violet pigment.

We are honorable to have Red Cross to be one of our regular customers and we make disposable skin marker pens for marking the position of the body in surgery.

Now we’re looking forward to expending our mini marker pen marketing and welcome to send your exclusive logo to us!

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