Custom-made Screw

Product Introduction

Chief Ling manufactures and exports screws & fasteners products for more than 15 years, we are a professional and experienced supplier of general screws and custom-made screws in Taiwan.

We handle a large variety of specialty and standard screws according to the customer's specifications, including self drilling screws, socket screws, machine screws, drywall screws, hex cap screws, stainless steel screws, thread screws, Philip head screws, self tapping screws, chipboard screws...etc. Our screws can meet industrial market needs.

It is welcome to contact us if you are looking for screws with uncommon size, length, or material that we are willing to serve you.

Please advise your screw inquiry with the following info :

  • The picture or drawing with full specifications.
  • The material:
    1. Is stainless steel (SS304 series? or SS430 series) or carbon steel in low, middle or high?
    2. The finish (Zinc plated, yellow plated or others...) and the Chromated is Cr6 or Cr3 if material is carbon steel.
    3. The screws have the "Heat treat" or not. If yes, please advise how hard of degree for HRC (Rockwell).
  • Thread size x pitch: Metric (ex: M2x8, M4x10…etc.) or inch (#8-32, #6-32…etc.)
  • Ordering q'ty .
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